Joe Gaudet

Senior code Fox, former Owl, former CTO of Learndot, brewer of ales, consumer of coffee, patroller of Gnar

Affordances, Signifiers, and Moscow Mules

I take pride in really caring about the design of the software I build. I can usually tell when it’s good, when the visuals and interactions are dialled in; but, I rarely have a clear idea of how to get there.

Evernote + Vim = ♥

Thanks to many years of badgering by @jamesgolick, @prlambert, and @agonigberg I use Vim or IDEAVim for pretty much everything. For my money it’s the best way to edit structured text - I even go so far as to write these posts using markdown and vim (Checkout if you’d like to do the same

What is up?

In a move that surprises no one, least of all me, I’ve let this whole writing about things languish pretty heavily. My most recent post was almost two years ago, and since then quite a lot has changed. If you know me, you probably already know a lot of this, and if you don’t you likely don’t much care - but then what are you doing here anyway?

Styling Radio Buttons with CSS

Working off the article found here, I’ve created a quick example of pure css-html styled radio buttons.

Fast clicks with AngularJS

At Learndot we’ve been building with AngularJS for about a month. Our first project was porting the Learner experience from our existing SproutCore project and bringing it to Angular. We’ve managed to throw together some interesting little bits with it in a relatively short amount of time, in this post I will go over implementing a fast click directive for mobile web experiences.